Company Information

Company name K.K. Ryumondo
Address Niekawa 2400, Shiojiri city, Nagano prefecture
CEO Hitoshi Tezuka
Contact TEL: 0264-34-3211 FAX: 0264-34-3213 E-Mail:
Capital 10 million yen
Employees 27 people
Business Production and sale of lacquerware and furniture for personal or business use
Bank Nagano Bank Shiojiri Branch / Hachijuni Bank West Shiojiri Branch


●Management Philosophy
・Value face to face connections between people
・Promote employees’ personal growth and allow them to contribute to their local community
・Try new techniques and projects
・Work to impress customers
●Management Vision
・Make guests of Japanese inns or hotels smile
・Brighten the Kiso production area
・Spread Japanese lacquerware products throughout the world
・Create an environment where all employees can work enthusiastically

Company History

1907 The Ryumondo company was founded by Takisaburo Tezuka, located where the previous Ryumondo shop was in the Kiso Hirasawa district.
1962 Registered as a publically traded company “K.K. Takisaburo Tezuka”.
1962 Tokyo branch opened
1973 Kyushu branch opened
1978 Tokyo distribution center opened
1988 New building completed at current location
1988 Changed name to K.K.Ryumondo
1996 Sanghai sales office opened
2011 Tokyo branch was transferred to the Tokyo distribution center


1962 Named the Nagano Prefecturial Industrial Statistics designated factory
1971 Received the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Prize at the National Furniture Store
1972 Received the Prize for Small and Medium-Sized Agencies at the National Lacquerware Exhibition
1978 Received the Nagano Prefecture Governor Prize at the National Lacquerware Exhibition
1979 Received the Nagano Prefecture Governor Prize at the National Woodworking Promotion Association Exhibition
1992 Former President Yasohachi Tezuka awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure 5th class by Emperor Akihito
2014 Recognized by the Nagano Prefectural Government for 100 years in business

Notible Contracts

1989 Manufactured and delivered a number of pieces for the Showa Emperor’s funeral
1990 Manufactured and delivered ceremonial pieces for the Heisei Emperor
1999 Delivered ceremonial pieces for the 10th anniversary of the Heisei Emperor’s enthronement

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