Welcome to Ryumondo!

Ryumondo is a traditional Japanese furniture and household goods manufacturer based in Kiso, Japan. We have been producing high-quality wooden and lacquer products for over a hundred years. We have a selection of products available for overseas customers, or if you live in Japan please browse our Japanese website for more products. You can also visit our store in Kiso, Nagano to see our products in person.


Kiso Main Shop

  • Take the train to Niekawa Station and we can pick you up. Please call us at: 0264-34-3211
  • Feel free to come even in a large sightseeing bus, as our parking lot is more than able to accomodate.
  • Tokyo Shop

    Kyushu Shop


    1 week ago

    今年の初雪となりました。当店に来られる際には国道19号はまだまだ全然雪がありませんけど念のためスタッドレスの準備をお願いします。 ... See MoreSee Less
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    3 months ago

    お待たせ致しました。すべて国産材でお作りしました御食い初めにもお使い頂けるお子様セットが出来上がりました?軽くて丈夫ですので、長くお使い頂けます。 ... See MoreSee Less
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    5 months ago

    欅のフリーカップが3色で新登場です。杢目がとてもきれいでこれからの時期大活躍です。御自分のご褒美にもお薦めです。 ... See MoreSee Less
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    Lacquerware Festival

    From tomorrow, June 1st to June 3rd, our lacquerware is on sale! Come check it out!